About the Journal

European Journal of Contemporary Multidisciplinary Research & Education (EJCMRE) is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed international journal. EJCMRE is limited to educational sciences. EJCMRE is a multidisciplinary journal for educational fields with contemporary methods and techniques. For this reason, EJCMRE prefers multidisciplinary education studies using contemporary methods and techniques. In this respect, EJCMRE has a broad audience and a comprehensive range of articles. EJCMRE has a policy that supports open access, contributes to disseminating information, and aims to deliver quality studies to large masses. The EJCMRE is published twice a year (March, October). EJCMRE accepts article submissions only online (article submission system).

EJCMRE is a free journal and does not charge authors for article publication fees.  However, it reserves this right when necessary for the continuity of the journal, providing open access, paying the expenses of the referees, and professional layout processes.

Our journal has started accepting articles. You can become a member of our site and send your manuscript to be published after the successful completion of peer review processes along with the other procedures.