About the Journal

European Journal of Contemporary Multidisciplinary Research & Education (EJCMRE) is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed international journal. EJCMRE is limited to educational sciences. EJCMRE is a multidisciplinary journal for educational fields with contemporary methods and techniques. For this reason, EJCMRE prefers multidisciplinary education studies using contemporary methods and techniques. In this respect, EJCMRE has a broad audience and a comprehensive range of articles. EJCMRE has a policy that supports open access, contributes to disseminating information, and aims to deliver quality studies to large masses.

Aims and Scope

EJCMRE is a journal open to all education fields [science, mathematics, pre-school, fine arts, computer and instructional technologies, primary/secondary education, high school, higher education, special education, educational sciences (guidance and psychological counselling, measurement and evaluation, education management, curriculum and instruction, lifelong learning and adult education and alike), Turkish and social studies, foreign languages and others] and multidisciplinary research. Within the scope of the journal, multidisciplinary studies are primarily taken into consideration. EJCMRE aims to address all fields of science to disseminate knowledge and strengthen interdisciplinary bonds.

Publication Frequency

The EJCMRE is published twice a year (March, October). In addition, the EJCMRE may also publish a special issue twice a year. The EJCMRE accepts article submissions only online (article submission system).

Publication Language

All articles in the EJCMRE are in English. However, the website can be used in Turkish and English. Manuscripts should have a simple and straightforward language in accordance with English grammar rules and scientific literature. Language editor(s) check the articles accepted for publication. Language editors may request redaction if they find the language of the article insufficient. Recommended language organizations edit those manuscripts. An unedited article is not accepted for publication.

Benefits of Publishing with EJCMRE

High Visibility

EJCMRE's open access policy allows maximum visibility of articles published in the journal as they are available to a wide, global audience. 

Speed of Publication

EJCMRE offers a fast publication schedule whilst maintaining rigorous peer review; all articles must be submitted online, and peer review is managed fully electronically. Articles will be published with their final citation after acceptance, in both fully browsable web form, and as a formatted PDF; the article will then be available through EJCMRE. 

Promotion and Press Coverage

Articles published in EJCMRE are included in article alerts and regular email updates. In addition, articles published in EJCMRE may be promoted by press releases to the general or scientific press. These activities increase the exposure and number of access for articles published in EJCMRE.  

Abstracting and Indexing

EJCMRE started its publication life in 2021 and aims to be indexed in many prestigious indexes soon.

Publication Fee / Price Policy / Article Processing Charges (APC)

EJCMRE is a free journal and does not charge authors any article publication fees.  However, it reserves this right when necessary for the continuity of the journal, providing open access, paying the expenses of the referees, and professional layout processes.

Open Access

All articles published by the EJCMRE become freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers.  As authors of articles published in the EJCMRE, you are the copyright holders of your own article and have granted to any third party, in advance and in perpetuity, the right to use, reproduce or disseminate your article, according to the EJCMRE copyright and license agreement.

Copyright and License Agreement

In submitting an article to any of the journals published by EJCMRE I certify that:

1. I am authorized (if applicable, by my co-authors) to enter into these arrangements.

2. I warrant, on behalf of myself (and my co-authors), that:

  • The article is completely original, has not been formally published in any other peer-reviewed journal, is not under consideration by any other journal and does not infringe any existing copyright or any other third party rights.
  • I am/we are the sole author(s) of the article and have full authority to enter into this agreement and in granting rights to EJCMRE are not in breach of any other obligation.
  • The article contains nothing that is unlawful, libellous, or which would, if published, constitute a breach of contract or of confidence or of commitment given to secrecy.
  • I/we have taken due care to ensure the integrity of the article. To my/our - and currently accepted scientific - knowledge all statements contained in it purporting to be facts are true and any formula or instruction contained in the article will not, if followed accurately, cause any injury, illness, or damage to the user.

3. I, and all co-authors, agree that the article, if editorially accepted for publication, shall be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

4. I, and all co-authors, agree that, if the article is editorially accepted for publication in EJCMRE, data included in the article shall be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0), unless otherwise stated.

***In addition to the cases mentioned above, authors may use other Creative Commons licensing options if they wish. In this regard, EJCMRE also offers authors an alternative licensing option. In this case, the license information will be specified separately at the end of the article.

Explanatory Notes Regarding EJCMRE's Copyright and License Agreement

As an aid to our authors, the following paragraphs provide some brief explanations concerning the Creative Commons licenses that apply to the articles published in EJCMRE and the rationale for why we have chosen these licenses.

The Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), of which CC BY 4.0 is the most recent version, was developed to facilitate open access as defined in the founding documents of the movement, such as the 2003 Berlin Declaration. Open access content has to be freely available online, and through licensing their work under CC BY authors grant users the right to unrestricted dissemination and re-use of the work, with only the one proviso that proper attribution is given to authors.

This liberal licensing is best suited to facilitate the transfer and growth of scientific knowledge. The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) therefore strongly recommends the use of CC BY for the open access publication of research literature, and many research funders worldwide either recommend or mandate that research they have supported be published under CC BY.

Copyright Notice

Ownership of Copyright

The copyright in this website and the material on this website (including without limitation the text, computer code, artwork, photographs, images, music, audio material, video material and audio-visual material on this website) is owned by EJCMRE and its licensors.

EJCMRE, grants you a worldwide non-exclusive royalty-free revocable license to:

1. View this website and the material on this website on a computer or mobile device via a web browser.

2. Copy and store this website and the material on this website in your web browser cache memory; and print pages from this website for your use.

3. All articles published by EJCMRE are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This permits anyone to copy, redistribute, remix, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited.

4. EJCMRE does not grant you any other rights in relation to this website or the material on this website. In other words, all other rights are reserved.

5. For the avoidance of doubt, you must not adapt, edit, change, transform, publish, republish, distribute, redistribute, broadcast, rebroadcast, or show or play in public this website or the material on this website (in any form or media) without appropriately and conspicuously citing the original work and source or EJCMRE prior written permission.  


You may request permission to use the copyright materials on this website by writing to info@ejcmre.com  

Enforcement of Copyright

EJCMRE takes the protection of its copyright very seriously. If EJCMRE discovers that you have used its copyright materials in contravention of the license above, EJCMRE may bring legal proceedings against you seeking monetary damages and an injunction to stop you using those materials. You could also be ordered to pay the legal costs. If you become aware of any use of EJCMRE' copyright materials that contravenes or may contravene the license above, please report this by email to info@ejcmre.com 

Infringing Material

If you become aware of any material on the website that you believe infringes your or any other person's copyright, please report this by email to info@ejcmre.com